Company team
Anek Vetchaphan


Anek Vetchaphan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Namsai Thai. He has more than two decade of experience in water treatment solutions and management.

Prior to the establishment and founding Namsai Thai, he worked 
with many leading water treatment companies and bulk water
treatment provider in Thailand.
His vision is to make Namsai Thai as “One Stop Provider” for 
 water solutions and technologies.

Company team

Chatchawan Kooncumchoo


Chatchawan Kooncumchoo serves as the Technical Design Director of Namsai Thai, where he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s design, engineering, control and automation. 

Mr. Kooncumchoo has more than 40 years of professional experience and he is a senior licensed professional engineer.

He served as a Director of the Thailand Council of Engineers and been working as a consultant adviser for some governmental organization.


Company team
Dr. Somchai Dararat


Dr. Somchai serves as Technical and Engineering Adviser of Namsai Thai, where he is supporting all aspects of the company’s design, engineering, innovation and treatment technologies.

He has more than 3 decade of professional expertise on water and wastewater technologies and solutions.

He served as Vice President of the Center for
Clean Innovation and Environmental Center.
Company team

Weerawat Tachasuntarowart


Mr. Tachasuntarowart serves as Technical and Engineering Adviser of Namsai Thai.

He is a proven and leading consultant adviser of many innovative water treatment applications attaining high treatment efficiency, less chemical dosage, longer filter run, prevention of scum without water loss, many more.

He has more than 30 years of professional expertise on water treatment technologies and solutions.

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Associate Prof.  Dr.  Pisit Phokharatkul



Associate Prof. Pisit serves as Technical and Engineering Adviser of Namsai Thai, where he is supporting the company’s intelligent control system and energy saving management.

He has more than 30 years of professional expertise on artificial intelligence (AI) on laboratory research and technical application.

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Dusadee Vorathumdusdee


Dusadee Vorathumdusdee is a researcher at Social Enterprise Leadership Centre of Kasetsart University and research development consultant at Research and Academic Service Institute on Logistics and Supply Chains, His expertise on public affair as a project consultant who helps government organisations to accomplish their projects more efficiency with their clients and a part-time lecturer. His educational background in Philosophy and Religion in undergrad and

Anthropology in master’s degree formed his ideas on Social theory and Cultural studies.


Company team


Payungsak Klinchampa


Payungsak Klinchampa is the Information Technology (IT) and Infrastructure Manager of Namsai Thai, handling the company’s IT, cloud infrastructure and computer network to meet the present digital advancement and virtual technology.    
He has more than 6 years of professional experience of cloud infrastructure, computer network and information technology.

He acquired more than 10 certificates from AWS and CISCO verifying his professional expertise.

Company team


Olarn Weranond


Olarn Waranond (Bom) is a ex-President of Thai Fintech Association. The new-generation CEO & Co-Founder of Durian Corporation, a centra hub for hybrid fundraising and business incubation programs.

With strong experience in startup ecosystem both in Thailand and aboard.Durian focuses on enabling business owners and founders to better expand and scale business growth sustainably.