Raw water treatment

With Namsai Thai custom engineered  raw water treatment systems , we can help customers avoid costly plant downtime, expensive maintenance fees, and other facility problematic issues .

Whether your water is sourced from rivers, lakes, or groundwater, we understand how individually complex your treatment needs might be. Let us help you decrease contamination and maximize your water treatment investment with a custom solution engineered just for you. 

Our raw water treatment systems can help remove:

- Suspended and Colloidal Solids;

 that cause unpleasant odors in food and beverage products, foul process equipment, and create energy losses for your plant.

- Silica and Colloidal Silica; 

that foul and scale boiler equipment, reduce the efficiency of plant equipment, and cause product contamination.

- Iron;

which can coat fixtures, foul industrial processes, and also cause foul tastes and odors in products.

- Bacteria; 

that causes sickness and severe digestive health problems as well as coats cooling tower components.

- Hardness; 

which can coat equipment fixtures, plug pipes, scale equipment, and cause a buildup of sludge.

Wastewater treatment

Whether you’re looking to treat your facility waste water, cooling tower blow down, media filter backwash water, ion exchange regeneration waste, Namsai Thaican help you economically meet your industrial effluent standard regulations or help you properly treat your wastewater for reuse.

Our custom engineered wastewater treatment systems can help remove: 

- Biochemical Oxygen Demand; 

high levels of BOD indicate an elevated concentration of biodegradable material present in the wastewater.

- Nitrates and Phosphates; 

large amounts of nitrates can lead to an increase BOD and extensive algae growth, and phytoplankton, leading to eutrophication or environmental dead zones.

- Pathogens; 

viruses, fungi, or any other microorganisms that can be present in wastewater that can lead to all kinds of health issues. 

- Metals; 

when left in wastewater in high concentrations, metals can cause extensive damage to the environment and human health. 

- Total Suspended Solids;

 harm aquatic life and scale and foul piping and machinery.

- Total Dissolved Solids;

cause issues with aquatic life, irrigation and crops, and they can also seep into groundwater. 

Wastewater treatment for water reuse

Wastewater can often be difficult to manage, especially when local regulations prohibit discharge or enforce stringent effluent quality requirements. 

Namsai Thai offers technologies that can help you treat and recycle discharge waters back into your process for reuse, a technique that recovers all fluid waste by utilizing our state-of-the-art filtration and technologies.

These treatment processes & systems can help your facility:

  • Handle variations in waste contamination and flow. 

  • Allow for required chemical volumes adjustments. 

  • Recover around 95% of your liquid waste for reuse. 

  • Treat and retrieve valuable byproducts from your waste 

  • Produce a dry, solid cake for disposal 

Call us today to see if we can propose a custom engineered solution to improve your recovery volume, efficiently recycle and reuse your process waste, and meet your local discharge regulations while helping you recover some valuable by-products.