Sawaeng Gerdpratoom
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Sawaeng Gerdpratoom

Sawaeng Gerdpratoom serves as the Managing Director of Namsai Thai and is responsible for the company’s business and operational development. He has more than 30 years of experience in science and technology research.

Leading promoter of innovation and has been instrumental in the introduction of cutting edge technologies and solutions in the company.  



  Project Leader, design and improvement of dust and oil mist removal systems from the plastic extrusion process.  
  Project Leader, Drinking Water and High Purity Water Production System Design for Electronic Industry.  
  Project Leader, Chromium Plating Waste Water Management System Development for Water and    Chromium compounds are recycled.  
  Head of the Project for the Development of Sulfur Dioxide Removal from the Lamai Long Smoke Process.  
  Project Supervisor, Development of Wastewater Management from Electroplating System, EDP (Electrodepositing Paint) For reuse of water and pigment.
  Project Leader, Development of Waste Water Management Systems from Batteries Factory and Lead Plant from Waste Battery Model Not draining water. (Zero Discharge)  
  Project Leader in the Study of Clean Technology for Management System Development.  
  Project Leader, Study of guidelines for treating waste water from the production of dye with high salt concentration.  
  Head of the project to develop the wastewater treatment system from the dyeing industry for reuse of water By using the tissue system(Integrated Membrane System) and immersed membrane. (Immersed Membrane)  
  Head of the Ozone Development Project for the elimination of color in the dyeing industry wastewater.  
  Head of the Nano Materials Development Project Titanium dioxide TiO2 for color removal in dyeing waste water for reuse.  
  Head of the Project for the Development of Sulfur Dioxide Removal from Lead Smelting from Batteries.  
  Head of Bio-Safety cabinet class 2 aseptic cabinet development project.  
  Project Leader: Feasibility Study of Zero Discharge Wastewater of Tapioca Starch Factory.  
  Head of Project to Extract Uranium from U-Night.  
  Head of Research Project, Project for Extraction of Tantalum Metal from Tantalite Ore.  
  Head of Research on Single Cylinder Engine Development Project.  
  Chief of the project to build a machine to eliminate odors and smoke from the tobacco dryer.  
  Head of Research, Brackish and Seawater Water Filtration Development Project.  
  Head of Research Project on Using Membranes to Increase Concentration of Fabric Dye. (2001)  
  Join the Master Environment Environment Master Plan in the Mineral Economy Zone. (Gypsum mineral source Nakhon Sawan Province and Phichit).  
  Head of Project for Product Development from Membrane Technology.  
  Join the project to design and produce plastic mold for packaging lemonade.  
  Project Leader, Utilization of Membrane Technology.  
  Head of Industrial Water Technology Development Project. (NEDO)  
  Head of Control Room Development Project Moving equipment for serious communicable patients.  
  Head of Research and Development Project of TOC Online Organic Water Meter.  
  Head of Project for Research and Development of X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis System.  
  Head of Project to develop the process of fumigation of longan smoked by sulfur dioxide to solve the problem of residual sulfur content in longan meat.  
  Join the research and development of an elephant intrusion warning system.  
  Head of Research and Development Project for Pure Water Production for Medical Use.  
  Head of Pattaya Wastewater Development Project after treatment for water reuse with East Water Co., Ltd. East Water.  
  Head of Water and Waste Management Project Of Anodized Aluminum Plating Plant, Alumet Aluminum Company.  
  Project Leader Improvement of Sulfur Dioxide Removal from Antimony Smelting Process.  
  Head of Research and Development Project of Super Vortex Turbine Hydropower System.