Chatchawan Kooncumchoo
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Chatchawan Kooncumchoo

Chatchawan Kooncumchoo serves as the Technical Design Director of Namsai Thai, where he is responsible for all aspects of the company’s design, engineering, control and automation. 

Mr. Kooncumchoo has more than 30 years of professional experience and he is a senior licensed professional engineer.

He served as a Director of the Thailand Council of Engineers and been working as a consultant adviser for some governmental organization.  



Committee of the Council of Engineers (COE), 5th period (2012-2016)
Committee of the Council of Engineers (COE), 6th period (2016-2018)
Council of Engineers 5th period Environmental Engineering Program (2013-2015)
Council of Engineers 6th period Mechanical Engineering Program (2016-2018)
Sub-committee on Higher Education and Vocational Education (NIA) (2015-2019)
Working Group on Vocational Education Education NIA (2015-2016)
Subcommittee on Parliament Building Renovation Secretariat of the Senate (2016)
Sub-committee on Security Considerations for the New Parliament Area (2018-2019)
Building Control Committee (2013-2015)
Secretary and Subcommittee Civil and Town Planning Board, Bangkok Council Set 4 (2015-2017)
Subcommittee on Promotion and Qualification Mechanical Council of Engineers
Chairman of the General and Qualifying Examination Sub-Committee Environment Program, Council of Engineers, session 5 (2012-2016)
Sub-Committee on the Promotion and Certification of the Council of Mechanical Engineers
Chairman of the Environment Monitoring Sub-Committee, General Consideration and Selection Sub-Committee, Council of Engineers Session 5 (2012-2016)
Committee, ASHRAE THAILAND CHAPTER REGION 13th (2005-2008) (American Society Heating Refrigerting Air-conditionning Engineers)
President The Engineering Institute of Thailand
In the royal patronage (EIT) two periods (2011 - 2016)
Chairman of the Committee on Rights and Ethics of the two-day (2011-2016)
Treasurer, Green Building Foundation / Green Building Committee Advisor (TREEs) (2013-2014)
President of Professional Mechanical Engineering Club (PME) (2017-Present)
Assessment Committee of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand
Occupational Safety Committee And the working environment (2001-2007)
Advisor to the Thai Mechanical Electrical Contractors Association (2005-2018)
Advisor, BSA Building Safety Inspectors and Administrators Association (2005-2017)
Advisor to the Finance and Finance Mathematics Committee House of Representatives (2005-2006)
Social Welfare Advisor House of Representatives (2005-2006)
Advisor to Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Medicine (2015-Present)
Committee RFS Company Limited, Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital (2018-Present)
Advisor, Green Thai Building Institute (TGBI) (2013-2014)
Treasurer, Green Thai Building Foundation (TGBI) (2013-2014)
Advisor, The Association of Building Safety Inspectors and Administrators (BSA) (2010-2016)
Subcommittee on Mathematics, Higher Education and Vocational Education, National Legislative Assembly (2014-2019)
Sub-committee on Higher Education, National Legislative Assembly (2014-2019)
Chairman of the PMEc Career Engineering Club (2017-Present)
Subcommittee on Security Considerations at the New Parliament Building (2561-2562)
Working group to consider guidelines for the supervision of safety of the welfare and environment administrator of Thailand (2018-2019)
Sub-committee on Physical Resource Management Guidelines (Facility Management: FM) Senate (2018-2019)